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Proliant ML350 fan problem

Warren Bame
New Member

Proliant ML350 fan problem

I have 2 Proliant ML350 G4's which have performed perfectly for the last 2 years. The one has recently started with what sounds like a fan "Hunting" where it speeds up and slows down audibly. The HP Management software says everything is working 100%, but there is definately something going wrong with the fan. Both servers were installed at the same time and have both been installed with MS Server 2003 standard. Please advise what diagnostics I need to run/do to ascertain what the problem could be. The server with the "Hunting" fan is definately running hotter than the other one, just by feeling the air coming out the back. Any advice would be appreciated
Timothy Cusson
Valued Contributor

Re: Proliant ML350 fan problem

Log a case with HP by calling 1-800-474-6836 (1-800-HPI-NVEN). They will help you determine if you need a replacement fan.