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Proliant ML570 G2

Matthew Hiniker
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Proliant ML570 G2

I have a server that won't boot past the BIOS

I get these errors and that's about it.

39160 Port 1 at slot 00, 00:50:00 - SCSI Termination not found
39160 Port 2 at slot 00, 00:50:01 - SCSI Termination not found

I assume this means the hard drives or the array controller is hosed. Anyone have any ideas?
Gazy Gazy

Re: Proliant ML570 G2


I don't you answer but this forum has more support I mean more people helping

Kedd Guyton
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Re: Proliant ML570 G2

You should try replacing the SCSI cable first, but more than likely either the SCSI array controller or the SCSI backplane has failed. I doubt the disks are at fault.

I see that both errors are prefixed by '39160'. By any chance would you have the SCSI backplane cabled to a SCSI non-RAID controller?

Which array controller is installed?