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Proliant MicroServer G8

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Proliant MicroServer G8

Hi Guys

I have installed over the weekend a Proliant Microserver G8 with Windows Server 20012 R2 Essentials for a small client

I purchased 2 x 4TB drives, which i got the supplier to set up the hardware etc.

 When I goto Disk Management I see only one drive with 2 partions the 2nd partition is not available and thats about 2TB (so the parttions are split almost in half)

Will I some point be able to use that partition which is unavailable??

I think saw on the startup it was building the partition or the raid or mirror. I cant remember which.

any ideas... sorry a little vague



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Re: Proliant MicroServer G8

Well...yes a little bit vague: with 2 physical HDD and the embedded RAID controller (RAID 0, RAID 1) you can end up with a Stripe (RAID 0) or a Mirror (RAID1) - I exclude the RAID 1+0 case since you had only two drives at the moment - or with two logical separated volumes (if you disabled the HPE Dynamic Smart Array B120i Controller RAID embedded functionality to access each single disk simply as a single volume to be partitioned and then no RAID involved at all)...that's to say that OS then will "see" what the RAID embedded controller is configured to show about the disks it manages...and the partitions you see (one formatted with the OS installed, the other - probably - not...which could be, at best, unformatted or, at worst, unpartitioned, showing up as pure available storage space) are a consequence of that storage subsystem (HPE Dynamic Smart Array B120i Controller) initial configuration.

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