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Proliant Microserver gen8 won't boot

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Proliant Microserver gen8 won't boot


I have a Proliant Microserver gen8 which I bought in Dec 2015, along with 2 WD Red NAS Drives. Fast forward to mid Feb, I finally took time to install Ubuntu server 14.04. After installation, first few several boots were ok, until which it would not boot anymore. The power button remains amber when plugged in, and now matter how it is pressed, it will not boot. System fans would not run either. Since then, I have let it sit in my living room until now, several months later I decided to call HP technical support. After communicating briefly over email with a support assistant, they suggested the system board needs to be replaced. As a side issue, I was told that my warranty has expired and the unit only came with 3 months warranty. When i bought it it was advertised to come with 1 year manafacturer warranty. 

I would be grateful for any assitance in getting it to work. I haven't actually used it for its purpose at all since purchase and worse to find out warranty is expired in such a short time.