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Proliant ml2500 Will Not Bootup At all!!!

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Proliant ml2500 Will Not Bootup At all!!!

Hello there,
I am running netware 5.0 on a proliant 2500.
Yes, this is an old server. I powered down
to connect this server and the drive array storage unit to my new apc ups system. Well, Guess what, It wont bootup up at all...I'm been spinning my wheels trying to get this server up before Monday morning to no avail.
I've reseated all the drives on my storage drive array.....

At post, I get two beeps, the drive array looks like they initialized, but hangs with a blank screen, the keyboard is not even initialized. I never get the Proliant splash screen.

Please help
Thanks in advance...
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Re: Proliant ml2500 Will Not Bootup At all!!!

Update, I opened both 2500 and my storage
array tower and reseeded evething to no avail.
I also reset configuration settings to default and at least my server booted up,
and ran server.exe for netware.
I encountered error that my nvram configs
are invalid..I proceeded with f10 and the system auto-detected my hardware...However when I press f10 to rebooted back
to the same error I think it was 172...
I check my onboard battery, it rated at 3.40 volts..
Wonder why it is not saving my cmos settings?? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I will order an auxilury battery part 160274-001 rated at 4.50 volts..
All suggestions would be appreciated.