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I have Compaq Proliant 1500 that was donated to help with setting up our internet presence. This server is going to be used for support of the local school system here in Lancaster, OH. The problem I have is this....It was donated without hard drives of any kind. I have obtained two pair of drives for the proliant 1500 a set of 9gigs and a set of 4 gigs....configuration is no problem. The problem is the SmartStart OS CD or should I say Lack there of.....does anyone know how I can obtain what I need so I can configure this system. It is my understanding that the compaq BIOS setup is on the drive and is installed by the SmartStart OS....I tried contacting the person that donated the computer but was informed by them that they got it at a yard sale. Any help would be appreciated....If the price is reasonable I will even be willing to purchase the CD from compaq but have no idea how to contact them without being charged an arm and a leg for my time. I just want to get this up and running for the kids so they will be able to learn about the internet in a controlled environment without undue exposure to the unpleasant places that can sometimes pop up. Again Thank you for your time if anyone can help.

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you can download an ISO-image of the SmartStart 5.50 CD - later versions like 7.20 won't work in this server.

You can also buy the CDs if you want: