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Prolient 6000 - Server shuts down

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Prolient 6000 - Server shuts down

I have a 6000 with Windows 2003. The server will just shut down with no error msgs in the event log. The server does not reboot (or ASR). After I reboot the server, all I get is the Windows teeling me that the prevoius shutdown was "unexpected". No error codes. I have disconnected the UPS (no help), and I have run diag on the memory (no help). Any ideas of whats going on. I was running PSP 5.50, and have even upgraded to the 7.10 ver, but that disn't help. Any ideas? Software (windows 2003) or hardware?

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Re: Prolient 6000 - Server shuts down


Have you done virus scan on the machine?
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Re: Prolient 6000 - Server shuts down

If you believe server need Updates use Firmware CD 7.3

Boot from any Cd or Floppy let system stand for long enough see if it's HW related

However if Problem stay do troubleshooting at Power Supply area, Power Supply Backplane or Processor Power Modules
Reset all components, all power cables
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Re: Prolient 6000 - Server shuts down

Steve, yep A/V runs every night - nothing has been found.

KOV - I will download the F/W update 7.3 and try if that resolves issue or not. Do you think that I should also replaced the motherboard and/or processors? Also, I installed a proliant storage system that runs off a new 3200 controller. Although the problem happen before this upgrade, it has gotten worst since then. Do you think I should also replace same?

Again, thanks

PS Server went down three times this weekend!!
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Re: Prolient 6000 - Server shuts down

Hello again,

I thought
i would just give you an update. I have replaced the power back-plate, the mother-board, and both VRM's. The server was up for 1 day, 7 seven hours .... then shut down again. This time I was there when it happen. The server just went OFF in the middle of me looking over the event log. No blue screen, no warnings, just powered off.

I was looking at the event log because since I installed SP1 this weekend, I now get MMC.exe errors. I don't know if this is related to the problem or not ...

I have just purchase three new power sopplies, and I will replaced them tonight. The only thing left is to replace the processors too. Do you think that would be a good idea?

HELP !!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Prolient 6000 - Server shuts down


Replaced all power supplies, system went down after only 12 hrs.

I have downloaded 7.30 firmware, but I am having problems with the making the disk bootable, but I;m wondering if you still think this will help or not, or should I be looking at Server 2003 problems.

Also, do you think that I should replaced the processors??

I have check them (and the memory) with the diag program, all checks ok.

All helpful ideas?