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Quantum DLT7000 on Proliant 3000

Grant Scanlen
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Quantum DLT7000 on Proliant 3000

Hi all,

I have a Quantum DLT3000 DLT tape drive that I'm trying to connect to a Proliant 3000 using the external SCSI interface of the onboard SCSI card. I am using a brand new SCSI cable. However, the SCSI BIOS does not seem to be detecting the drive. During POST, the Smart 2 DH controller initializes, then immediately following that, a message saying "Scanning for SCSI Devices...No SCSI devices detected" appeaers, which I assume is a message from the onboard SCSI BIOS. I would have expected that the tape drive should be detected at this stage. The tape drive is the only device on the bus, and it has a multi-mode terminator on the top SCSI connector. The terminator LED is red when the drive and server are powered up, which suggests that the SCSI bus is operating correctly in single-ended mode. I really need to understand how to trouble-shoot the onboard SCSI board on this server, to try to figure out whether the issue is with the tape drive or not. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Jerry Lakin
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Re: Quantum DLT7000 on Proliant 3000

Try the drive without the terminator - I know it sounds wrong but it worked for me with a similar problem.