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Question on Compaq Rack 10642

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Question on Compaq Rack 10642

We just received our order and we were wondering if the Compaq Rack 10642 (Part No. 245161-B22) was supposed to come without sides.

If not, then we did not get them. If so, then can these be ordered—what number?

We were also wondering about the purpose of the two boards that came with the rack. These are made of low grade wood and have a metal bracket on one end with a few other pieces of wood attached with fabric. Prehaps these were for some special shipping use. Do you know what these are for?
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Re: Question on Compaq Rack 10642

The 10642 rack does not include side panels. If you need them then the part no is

42U Side Panels (set of two) (Graphite Metallic)

The two boards that you refer to are probably the ramps to get the rack off the pallet when it is loaded with equipment as the part number you have specified is for a 42U rack on a shock pallet. These can be shipped with servers installed in them ready to deploy.
Bill Robotham
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Re: Question on Compaq Rack 10642

I am not sure where to post this type of question since I did not see a category pertaining to racks.

I am trying to find out the grounding point for a Rack 10642.

Can someone point me to the right doc or forum?