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R3000 UPS ERM Installation

John Cunningham_4
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R3000 UPS ERM Installation

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but I couldn't see anywhere for Rack and Power questions.
I have just bought the HP ERM to extend the runtime of my R3000XR UPS. I am finding the installation instructions less than clear especially in the situation of adding an ERM to a pre-existing UPS.
Installation in the rack is straightforward. Then with all systems shutdown and the UPS off the supply we need to connect the ERM via its cable making sure the circuit breaker is off. What is the next step?
Turning on the power or switching the circuit breaker on? Do I need to schedule a full 24 hrs downtime while te ERM charges? Or can the load be applied while the ERM charges? At what point do I need to run the UPS configration to let the UPS know it has an ERM? I have the instructions from the box and a copy from the web but none of this is clear.
Has anyone done this?


JohnC in Edinburgh
Vajith V
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Re: R3000 UPS ERM Installation

Hi John,

Following thread link may help you to solve the issue:

Good luck.

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