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RAID 1 BAY 1 (6Gb/s) with BAY 3 (3Gb/s)??

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RAID 1 BAY 1 (6Gb/s) with BAY 3 (3Gb/s)??



I have recently found the time and energy to set up my Microserver. 


B1. 4tb

B2. 4tb

B3. 4tb

B4. 4tb

 Could someone please confirm if there are any issues with Creating a Raid 1  array with BAY 1 (6Gb/s) BAY 3 (3Gb/s). My logic is that speed of data access takes precedence over mirroring speed so 1 logical drive of Bay 1 & Bay 3 (Raid 1) and the other logical drive of Bay 2 & Bay 4 (Raid 1).

 Is this a good Idea or I have I overlooked a potential technical issue. I searched the web for a possible answer but nothing came up.

 Thank you.


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Re: RAID 1 BAY 1 (6Gb/s) with BAY 3 (3Gb/s)??

Hello. I am an HPE Employee. 

You can configure the desired drive bays in RAIDs, as you wish. There is no technical issue related to the drive bay location. 

I believe that the performance of the RAID would be the same, no matter in which drive bay the mirrir drive is installed in. 




Thank you
I am an HPE Employee
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Re: RAID 1 BAY 1 (6Gb/s) with BAY 3 (3Gb/s)??

The server in question is HP Microserver Gen8 . 

Bay 1 and 2 are  6Gb/s and Bay 3 & 4 operate at 3Gb/s I purchased the server asuming all SATA connectors were potentially 6Gb/s. The main focus of my question was relevant to mixing two transfers speeds in Raid a Raid 1 array of 1 HDD transferring at 6G/s with a 3Gb/s HDD as the mirror.