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RAID Controller into a ML 370 G4

Eamonn Murtagh
New Member

RAID Controller into a ML 370 G4

I inherited the above server. There was no RAID setup in it. I bought a new RAID controller and disks.
My problem now lies with the S/W on the server. I do not have all the installation disks and do not know if I can do a Backup / Restore from my HP DAT72.
Is it possible to install the controller. Install the new disks - Connect the existing disks and a existing disks - mirror the new disks and leave the existing disk un-mirrored ?
Chris Rosan
Valued Contributor

Re: RAID Controller into a ML 370 G4

You COULD try:

Remove the existing disks (or disconnect)

Configure RAID with new hard drives

Use something like ghost to push the data from the existing disks to the new RAID.

I'm not sure if this will work, just a though. I've seen people use ghost to make full system backups before upgrading hardware and then pushing the image back on.