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RAID Volume expansion in Windows 2000 server


RAID Volume expansion in Windows 2000 server

I have 3 servers in which I have to expand the existing drives with more capacity.Below is the scenario and configuration.
server 1 and server 2
RAID 1+0 is created.
There are 2 logical drives i.e C: and D:
Customer want to expand D:.Is this possible?If yes how can we go ahead?

server 3
total 5 disks of size 36.4 GB
Two configured as RAID 1+0 with 2 logical drives C: and E:
3 disks configured as RAID 5 with 2 logical drives D: and F:
Customer want to expand C: and D: preferably.

Please suggest me whether this expansion is in place or do we need to break the existing RAID and recreate them?

Waiting for your response.

Thanks in advance.