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RAID problems with a Netserver LH3

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RAID problems with a Netserver LH3

I am attempting to replace the original trusty 4 x 4Gb SCSI drives with 4 x 18Gb

Despite trying several replacements I seem to be unable to get more than two drives working reliably. 3 drives result in one becoming ‘FAILED’ upon reboot, and my Netraid Express Tools will not permit 3 drives to be initialised.

The server has a PII single 400MHz processor, plus 128Mb RAM running XP Pro SR2

I wonder if the firmware needs upgrading, but am unable to locate any. The current status is;

Netserver Management Controller B.04.04
Netraid BIOS Ver B.01.04
Netraid Adaptor Ver D.01.04

I only have the basic tools available for invoking at boot time, Netraid Express Tools ver B.01.01. I do not have any Windows utilities for this product, sadly.

Also the menuing system on the front panel seems to not do very much.

I apologise for this ‘shopping list' of questions, but any assistance or guidance will be *very* much appreciated! Thank you for reading this.
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Re: RAID problems with a Netserver LH3

Please check controllers cache RAM I think you must increase it.
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Re: RAID problems with a Netserver LH3

Many thanks for the advice, Jörg.

I am not clear where the cache settings can be found. Is this a hardware upgrade or done in firmware?