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RAID5 Fail

We have new HPProliant ML350 G4 Server with 6 SCSI HDD 72.8GB each ULTRA 320-10k RPM.

While booting the server it shows message RAID5 failed. after booting in My computer it shows C: and D: Drive. Rest 4 Drive not shown where the actual data resides.

All GREEn light LED on rest 4HDD are shown.
Only RAID50 doesnt detect the HDD.

Local vendor informed that they can not help if DATA loss becoz logicaly HDD are not detected and we will loose all DATA if they reconfigured again.

We are in year end(dec'2007) all data for 4companies in from 2002 will be lost.

HELP save ourvaluable time.
Amit Thakkar
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Re: RAID5 Fail

Hello Amit,

I will Try & replace ONE DISK at a TIME & see if it rebuilds the Array.