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RPM 1.1 delay time

remco moree
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RPM 1.1 delay time


I have a problem with my configuration of UPS and RPM1.1. If a power failure for about 10 seconds occurs within the delay time the servers are still shutting down.

My configuration.

five servers HP DL380 G5.
two HP R3000 XR

On UPS 1 , segment 1 all five servers.
On UPS 2 , segment 1 all five servers.
On UPS 1 , segment 2 LAN Switch, KVM Switch and monitor.
On UPS 2, segment 2 Backup Unit and router.
UPS 1,2 , segment 3 Nothing

Power fail settings.
Delay time for 4-6 minutes for 4 servers. Console server 8 minutes.

Shutdown time for all server 3 minutes.

Shutdown segment 2 = 12 minutes.
Shutdown segment 3 = 5 minutes.

Infinity is not selected.

In total power failure it works ok.
If power lost for 10 seconds, the systems will still shutdown.

Is there a notification delay or something like that. I tried different delay times 1 minute and two minutes. No result.

It looks like that the delay time works for shutting down but there is no trigger that canceles the shutdown trigger if ups is back on utility power within the delay time.

Does anyone have experience with this software or ups.