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Raid 5 cannot rebuild

Tong Gary
New Member

Raid 5 cannot rebuild

Hi all,
We have DL380 G3 with 5i
2 x 36G with mirror
3 x 146G with raid 5
The system said slot 2 Hard disk(raid 5) is error, so we changed the new 146G HD but the raid 5 system cannot rebuild after 2 hurs later. I am not sure the hard disk is DOA or not?? But the mirror system and remain raid 5 is running well. What 's problems?? Socket?
5i raid card or Hard drive????
Iain McCracken
Frequent Advisor

Re: Raid 5 cannot rebuild

Has the replacment drive got a failed LED on if it has there is achance you have got iether a doa drive or a faulty slot on the SCSI backplane If it is still in waranty log a call with HP and tell them you want an Engineer with a replacment drive and a Scsi backplane