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Raid 5 disk rebuild

Mansour Hadidi
Occasional Contributor

Raid 5 disk rebuild

I have replaced a failed disk in a raid 5 (in a NetServer LC2000).
When I go to raid config M, I see the new disk as "RBLD". The other two disks show as "On-line". My questions are:
1. Is the new disk "good to go", do I need to do anything such that it would show "On-line" and how?
2. If another disk (there are 3 all together) fails at this point, could I safely replace that as well?
Thanks for any advice to push me in the right direction. (if you know of any white paper that I can read, I also appreciate).
Sean T. Craig
Honored Contributor

Re: Raid 5 disk rebuild

Hi Mansour,

This should be corrected by now. RBLD indicates that the drive is rebuilding. When it completes, the drive should say ONLN indicating that it is online. If a drive fails while a rebuild is in progress on another drive, you cannot replace it. You can only get to an optimal state from a degraded state. If the rebuild is not complete when another drive fails, you are then in on offline state and a rebuild is not possible. What you would do in this situation is to attempt to force the second failed drive online to bring you back into a degraded state and restart the rebuild on the new drive.

A rebuild on a NetRAID Controller will usually take roughly 3 minutes per GB of data that resides on the array, give or take based on the speed of the drives and controller, so it should be done by now and the drive now online. If not, you may be having another issue. We will need more details to continue if that is the case.

Best of luck,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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