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Raid on a netserverE60

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Raid on a netserverE60

Dear people,

I buy a netserver E60 to learn about networks e.d. I never worked with SCSI so i think your anwer sould be simple ;)

My questions:
What do i have to do to get raid working? i have 3 SCSI HD 9,1 GB and i want to make one big Harddrive. Can anybody hel me with this?
When i start de setup of windows he ask if i want to instal a thirt part SCSI raid driver. Sould i install this? and where i get this driver?

Thank a lot for your help!

Regards Siem
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Re: Raid on a netserverE60

Have you got an add in SCSI controller in a PCI slot?

If not then the E60 does not have an onboard RAID controller. The onboard Adaptec based SCSI controller will be picked up by Windows setup no problems.

If you have an add in controller it should be an HP NetRAID controller.

Depending on the version of Windows you are using you may need an add in drivers for this card. This will depend on the model of the card.

Hope this helps.