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Randomly crashing and then "No Smart Array Controller found."


Randomly crashing and then "No Smart Array Controller found."

We bought Proliant Microserver Gen8 and installed 4 x 2 TB drives. I configured them into two logical drives in RAID 0 (2x2TB in first Logical drive  and 2x2TB in another logical drive). After that I installed Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 with Inteligent provisioning tool and the system worked for about 3 days. Then it started to crach regularly without even bluescreening in windows - just plain restart. If I look in iLO it says:

No Smart Array Controller found. 
HP Smart Array Controller or HP Dynamic Smart Array RAID Controller is required to display drive array information.

Does anybody have similar problem? Please help


PS: sometimes the RAID controler detects the drives and the system stars as if nothing happened.

Raid controller is B120i



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UPDATE: it seems that the server is faulty - it resets upon slight vibrations eg. closing front doors (took it for repair...)