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Remote Insight II hang on ML350

bataillard didier
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Remote Insight II hang on ML350


I have a matter with Remote Insight II on my ML350 server. After booting server, the card works fine between 10 and 30 min, and the http-telnet servers stop to reply. The card reply only to the ping. I'm connecting directly (not by active directory), I have patch server on the last bios, and riloe card too (on 1.20). I have try the rilo on autodetect network, force speed, dhcp, no dhcp...

last remark : there is no OS on the server. I just want to use the smartstart.

and always the same problem...

please help me !
Tarek Kawach
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Re: Remote Insight II hang on ML350

Hi Bataillard:

What server are you using: ML350 G1, G2, G3 or G4

- Have you followed the Matrix for the RiB II board connections for that server:

- Are you logining in to Remote console ; can you login to the Rib II board.

- If you can login through web browser try to update the firmware to 1.21 - from admininistration tab.

Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II
Server PCI Slot & Cable Matrix

Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II
Overview & Features

Latest Riloe II board firmware is:
version 1.21 (5 Jul 06)

Resolved XML response issues of some RIBCL commands.

Resolved RILOE-II Networking issue wherein RILOE-II may not connect to the network if it was booted up or reset with network cable unplugged.

Resolved an issue wherein RILOE-II does a quick logout for certain schemaless login name formats.

Resolved an issue wherein Remote console fails when server, with large amount of RAM, execute memory check during POST.

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