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Re: Remote booting DL380G5 via KVM

G Libik
Occasional Advisor

Remote booting DL380G5 via KVM

Has anyone come across this one before?

I can boot my DL380G5's from the physical Smart Start CD, the Firmware update CD, and the RHEL4 DVD.

I can also remotely boot my DL380G5's from the ISO images of the Smart Start CD and the Firmware update CD, but not the RHEL4 DVD image.

When attempting to boot from the RHEL4 DVD image, ISOLINUX puts the message "Could not find kernel image: linux" on the console then presents the "boot: " prompt. Doesn't seem to matter what kernel name I type at that prompt, ISOLINUX cannot find it. :-(

The remote access is via an Avocent DS2035 KVM switch using DSView 3.3 software.

If I put the physical DVD in a DL380G5 and then access the console via the KVM, the server will still boot ok and everything works as expected.

This is an acceptable nuisance for the servers in the computer room down stairs, but not for the servers in the computer room 4km away, nor the ones 138km away for that matter. :-\

Would appreciate knowing if there is a firmware, or other, update that fixes this.

I don't suspect the DSView/KVM system at this point since others have successfully done this using different OS DVD images.

Any clues appreciated ... please
Stoyanov Dmitriy
New Member

Re: Remote booting DL380G5 via KVM


Maybe your solution be well, if you'll make a CD iso with kickstart installation and in your network deploy nfs or http or ftp server with dvd content.

Best Regards, Dmitriy Stoyanov.
G Libik
Occasional Advisor

Re: Remote booting DL380G5 via KVM

I eventually did do pretty much that:
* setup an ftp server in this office
* mounted the DVD ISO on a dir in ftp root
* extract the boot ISO from RHEL4 DVD
* remote boot the DL380 from the boot ISO

I'd still like the option of remote booting the DL380G5s directly from the DVD ISO image. :-(

Thanks for the suggestion, though. :-)