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Re: Replace Smart Array Controller 532

Antonio D'Affuso
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Replace Smart Array Controller 532

Hi all!

I have a Compaq Proliant ML350 G2 with SA-532 and two 18GB HD in Raid1.
After a Windows Update, i have to reboot my PC and surprisingly my array disappear!! No F8 Bios SA-532 and my leds HD, after a blink, keep blank.

The led in front of SA-532 is orange and the leds in the back are all blank.

I have tried change bus channel, no luck.

So, i have decided to buy a new SA-532. My question is the same as of these cases : as i think my hds are ok and so my array, after replacing the card what can i do to recover my raid1 ?

Many thanks,
Antonio D'Affuso
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Re: Replace Smart Array Controller 532

Hello Antonio,

Basically the RAID informationis stored in the hard drives called RIS (Raid Information Sector. Therefore,

1. Replace the controller with the new one you already got and boot the server and make sure you have the F8 option on POST (This will assure you that the controller is being detected and POSTed fine)
NOTE: I would suggest to make sure the Controller is at the latest Firmware level before going to step 2
Latest firmware can be downloaded from this link
Latest FW ver is Dated Feb 14, 2005

2. Put both the drives back in the drive cage
3. Reboot the server

In principle the server should boot fine with no problem. However, I would recommend to watch what is going to be displayed on the screen during post. IF you see a message that you don't understand please come back with that message and we will look in to that

Hope this will help