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SA-431 not detected on DL320 G2 (with slotless-SCSI installed)

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SA-431 not detected on DL320 G2 (with slotless-SCSI installed)

Recently I inserted to no avail an Smart Array 431 controller into an already running ProLiant DL-320 G2 server which originally came with a SATA HD drive but later upgraded with the slotless-SCSI optional module.

Albeit the server starts and runs normally as expected the SA-431 is not recognized at all neither by Systems Management Home Page nor by ACU/ADU.

What's really funny about it is that Windows Server 2003 do recognize it and ask for drivers with the New Hardware Found wizard, but when I attempt to install the downloaded HP drivers the package tell me it is not necessary to install the drivers because not controller is present on the system.

First question is obvious: what the ... ?

Second question is: after I manage to get the SA-431 recognized and fully-functional, can the drives currently attached to the slotless-SCSI be moved to the SA-431 without any issue ? Are they compatible or not ? Will the server start without a hitch or ... ?

Please advise, thanks.