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SATA Controller

Christoph Fenner
New Member

SATA Controller

I have a Proliant 1500 with a SCSI Array-controller . Now the disk space is running out. So i decided to add a SATA controller and some additional drives.
But the system does not recognise the controller (controller in the first pci-slot). Whats is wrong?

Anyone have any ideas?

Re: SATA Controller

Usually the low number PCI slots (1-4) are the slower 32 bit bus slots. PCI slots 5 and 6 are usually high speed and use the 64 bit bus. I will bet that the SCSI Array-controller is in slot 6. Try putting the SATA controller in slot 5 instead of slot 1.

For sure DO NOT move the SCSI Array-controller to a different slot. If you do, that might end up not being recognized also. You will know you have lost all your disks (and the OS that is on them) when the first message after POST says that an operating system can not be found.

Richard Whitnable