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Re: SMART-2 array controller

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SMART-2 array controller

I want to install SUSE Server 10 to a Proliant 5000 w/ no o/s installed. On boot it reports that Compaq SMART-2/P array controller is not configured and I'm given the options:
F1 to continue
F9 for diag
F10 for system partition utilities

Continuing w/ F1 boots from floppy and it will load DOS or linux into memory, or a portion of it, it only accesses less than 30 MB RAM yet has over 500 MB reported at startup?

F9 loads the diag. utility and I've let it loop through several times w/ no errors reported.

All the HD's are wiped clean so the partitioning utilities are not available w/ F10.

All the info. on the HP site indicates I need to run the array configuration utility but I can't seem to find it on floppy. What am I missing?
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Re: SMART-2 array controller

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Re: SMART-2 array controller

Thank you for the quick reply. After realizing the CD ROM drive wasn't working and that was preventing the SmartStart CD I had downloaded from running I'm in better shape. I have not setup a Proliant before so it has been an experience. As to the array controller I decided to pull it while setting up as most of the info. I found spoke of installing once the sys. was up and running. Again, thanks for the quick response as I'm sure to find myself looking lame again on this project.