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STARTDSS error upgrading 2000 to 2003 server

Esquis Albert
New Member

STARTDSS error upgrading 2000 to 2003 server

Have just upgraded an ML350G4 from Windows 2000Server to Windows 2003 Server.

During the initial operating system upgrade to Windows 2003 Server we had an issue whereby the server appeared to stall during the upgrade process, said it had 32 mins to go...five hours later still saying the same thing. So had to stop the upgrade
Started the upgrade again and it all went through fine second time around.
But afterwards on each boot up we get a system error in the event log saying that 'startdss' failed to load.
From what I can glean from the web startdss.sys is associated with the loading of OEM virtual disk install or something like that and apparently isn't yet supported in Windows 2003 ? and that we should disable this ?
Everything seems to be working OK apart from this error message.
Can anyone tell me what this is and what the best course of action might be.



Re: STARTDSS error upgrading 2000 to 2003 server

Hello mate. Did you get to the bottom of this. I have the same issue apart from i upgraded from Server 2003 Standard to Enterprise.

Just cant seem to find out what it is apart from startdss