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Server Suggestion

Guys, just wandering if someone could point me in the right direction for a rackmount server... I have read through the tech specs and can't seem to see if they support SATA

I need something along the lines of

2 * 3Ghz XEON Processors
8 Drive bays
4 * 400GB SATA Drives running raid 1+0
2GB Ram
2-3U case

I have been looking at DL380 and like I say it only seems to come with SCSI
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Re: Server Suggestion

Why not look at it another way. Use a DL360 with a couple of SCSI disks for the OS etc and add a RAID controller and an MSA20 shelf. You will then be able to add up to 12 x 250GB SATA drives.
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Re: Server Suggestion

Hi Dave,

checkout the ML370R04 SASX3,6 (389226-xx1).
The ML Servers are also available as Rack-Servers. The SAS are for Serial ATA Harddisks. They support up tp 576 GB with 72 GB SATA Harddisks. Checkout the specs at

greets maik