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Server monitoring and controlled shutdown

Aldo Bordieri
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Server monitoring and controlled shutdown


I am seeking a solution to monitor the temperature of my company's server rack (3x DL380,a DL140 and a ML350), with the ability to perform a software (controlled) shutdown of the servers if the temperature rises (i.e. in case of a/c failure).

DL380 can perform a hardware shutdown in case of high temperature, but I would prefer a software shutdown, so the OS can close properly.

My idea was a program which can interface to a temperature sensors, and issue the proper commands to the servers if needed.
However I could find almost nothing searching on Internet... has anyone knowledge ir experience with such solutions ?

Aldo Bordieri
Prem Selvam Arumugam
Trusted Contributor

Re: Server monitoring and controlled shutdown

Try the HP's Insight Manager (SIM) and Configure the ASR Option