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Re: Server overheating

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Server overheating

Having allowed the server to run throughout the night I found that the temperature threshold had been breached and the server switched itself off three times in the space of five minutes. I understand that the recommended threshold in HP documentation is 10-35*. A temperature reading recently recorded the temperature on top of the case (external reading) at 39*C.

What is the temperature at which the server shuts down?
Where is that temperature taken (sensor one detected the problem)?
Where are the sensors situated?
Is it possible to take readings from these sensors?
From where should the temperature be taken that is required to conform to the 10-35*C operating threshold?

Any advice on cooling would be gratefully received.


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Re: Server overheating

Temperature inside the case could reach IMO 55-60 C. Even if 39 C outside is a bit high temperature ,is not related to Server rebooting.
I try to keep servers room at 20 C. but if you have problems with internal cooling it doesn't help.
If you add disks in HP-Compaq Servers with an additional backplane sometimes you have to add fans.
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