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Slow File Transfer Prolian ML310 G5 Server

Jan Dammer
New Member

Slow File Transfer Prolian ML310 G5 Server

I have Microsoft server 2003 installed as a domain server on a Proliant ML310 G5 server and when I try to transfer large files the system practically hangs it's running so slow.

I was trying to shift 40Gb of data from a SATA external drive and when it starts transfer the system practically hangs. It does transfer the files but it takes hours and as it does so the server is inoperable.

It runs so slow my exchange server has difficulty connecting to it and yet the CPU process is about 3%

It has 4Gb ram and has no other issues than the fact the whole system slows to a crawl on large file transfers.

Its does the exact same thing when I attempt to transfer the same files across the network.

Help greatly appreciated as it is driving me mad.
Simon Maycock
New Member

Re: Slow File Transfer Prolian ML310 G5 Server

Hi Jan,

From what I can see looking through the other posts here, see if write cache is enabled ( have a search through other peoples comments about "ML310 G5 sata raid".

I'm having a problem on a new server, where the server is just crashing during the night. A drive has failed, and I think it's something to do with that, but surely if raid drive fails the system should just carry on working. I had to do a system state restore to get it back, and it's crashed again. Also Backup exec is reporting timeouts from the raid controller !!