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Smart-2DH Controller won't Rebuild Drive

Mike Squatrito
Occasional Contributor

Smart-2DH Controller won't Rebuild Drive

Hi, I have a Compaq Proliant 1600 running MS Windows NT 4.0 Server SP6. I have three drives configured with distributed data guarding. I replaced a failed drive with an equivalent drive and the system justs shows the status as "Ready for Rebuild". Does anyone know how to get the system to start the rebuild. I tried everything I can think of.
Stephen Grimmer
Trusted Contributor

Re: Smart-2DH Controller won't Rebuild Drive

I have seen this before but no real solution for you...

You could try to shock the controller...

First make a complete backup (A must)

Power off the server

Remove all drives from the computer (just pull them out about an inch)

Boot SmartSmart and Run SmartErase

Power down and reinsert the drives

Power Up set the os and languange and see if that helped...