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Smart Array 221 max. disk size

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Smart Array 221 max. disk size


We have a Proliant 1600 with a Smart Array 221, and two 9.1GB Ultra-3 SCSI attached drives (152188-001 : 9.1GB universal hot-plug Wide Ultra3 SCSI hard drive - 10,000 RPM with 80-pin SCA connector - 3.5-inch form factor, 1-inch high - Includes hot-plug drive tray).

Today, we want to add (a lot of) extra storage capacity.

Is it possible to add the biggest drives HP currently sells ? I'm thinking about 350964-B22
which is "HP UNIVERSAL HARD DRIVE - 300 GB - HOT PLUG - 3.5" - ULTRA320 SCSI - CENTRONICS (SCA-2) 80 PIN - 10000 RPM" ?

Will they plug into the drive cage ? Will they be recognized by the SA221 ? Can wa add 4 of these disks, or better pull-out the two 9.1 GB ones, and put 6x300GB ?

And make only one RAID-5 Array ? (maybe two logical disks) ?

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