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Smart Array 3200

Ronald Bok
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Smart Array 3200


Yesterday i had a server crach it is a compaq proliant 5500 windows windows 2003 R2. The c drive was not responding any more. So i shutdown my server (hardway with the powerswitch becorse the server was not respondign any more) And powerd it back on. When the init. started of the controller it gaves me the message 0 logical drives found controller not configured.

Some background info of my server
In the server i have a Compaq Smart array 3200 controler with 20 Disks attach 10 disk internal and 10 disks true a compaq storage works cage. the 20 disks forms 4 logical drives.

Can someone help me so the contoller will sea the logical drives. Part of the data of the logical drive is not jet backuped up Just yesterday morning i placed a big ammount of data on teh server so rescuing the loigcal drives is very critical.