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Re: Smart Array 641 array support

Behzat Kutucoglu
New Member

Smart Array 641 array support

We have a ML 350 G4 server and we already use Windows 2003 Standard server OS on it. embedded Smart Array 641 controller has been configured an array as Raid 5 with 3 qtys 72 GB HDDs. can we add second new array as RAID 5 with 3 qtys HDDs. We coludn't find any information on every resources.

ACU software wizard create a new array as RAID 0. If I create a new array as manuel, ACU says that "at least one array will be deleted."

what can I do ?

thanks for your help.
Chris Rosan
Valued Contributor

Re: Smart Array 641 array support

You should just be able to select the 3 new disks and add another raid set. Have you got the latest PSP & ACU installed?

You can also try downloading the latest smartstart, booting from that and adding the raid set that way.

You can also do it at boot using the tui interface on boot (can't remember what it's called).