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Smart /P controller manuals

John Maribe
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Smart /P controller manuals

Hi !

I own both a Smart/P and a Smart-2/SH controller for use with a ProLiant 2500 server. My problem is that I don't have any documentation/manual for this RAID controller, though I do have the SmartStart CD. I've heard of a SODL documentation kit, but didn't manage finding out much more info about it.

I've found, on a 3rd party website, the Smart-2/SH manuals in PDF format, but nothing for the Smart/P. Thus, I was wondering whether these manuals were available either for download or for purchase on the HP website. (the "manuals" section dedicated to Compaq Wide Ultra SCSI Array Controllers has only 4 docs, describing general features of array controllers, but are not dedicated to a particular model, stating for example its performance and/or characteristics).

Thanks a lot for your help,