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SmartStart Crashing

Techie Dany
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SmartStart Crashing


I got a used Proliant 1500. One of the drives was coming up with a failure so I replaced it with one from a external scsi device.

I get several errors 208-invalid memory speed, 1775,1785,1770.

When I try using my 4.9 SmartStart cd it boots to the flash screen and it won't go no further. All of a sudden a Windows Blue Screen comes up showing errors.

What is causing this and how can I get my SmartStart to work? I was wanting to erase the whole system and setup the array.

newbie Thank you
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Re: SmartStart Crashing

You could try downloading the erase configuration utility onto floppies, booting off those to erase the system, then rebooting with your smartstart CD.

IF that doesn't work, check the jumper switches for a clear configuration jumper. I know my 5000 has one...

Good Luck!