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SmartStart Version For 1850R

James Holt_1
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SmartStart Version For 1850R

I have an 1850R & I would like to find the correct version of SmartStart for it please.

It is a 2x600 Mhz Wide Ultra SCSI2 version

It is also my intention to install Windows Server 2003 on it, so any advice/guidelines would be handy.

Thank you for your help

Re: SmartStart Version For 1850R

Page 2 of this document should help:

As for Windows Server 2003 - this link seems to suggest 2000 Server at a push is you best bet:
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Re: SmartStart Version For 1850R

We've found SmartStart 5.4 to work the best. It supports both the 1850 and DL380.

Also, we're running 2003 Ent.Server on about 20 1850r and DL380 and it's working perfectly.

Good Luck.
Oleg Koroz
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Re: SmartStart Version For 1850R

James you can use any Smart Start CD up to 5.5, can be ordered at:
You might be able to use Floppy diskettes kit if your Controller listed at
+ You need