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Solaris 10 on Compaq Proliant 8500

Stefano Marocco
New Member

Solaris 10 on Compaq Proliant 8500

Hi, I tried to install Solaris 10 on a Compaq Proliant 8500 with a Compaq SmartArray 4200 controller, but (using Solaris 8 drivers) the controller and the raid are not detected. Anyone know if is possible to install Solaris on this hardware?

Thanks in advance,

Julian Learmonth
New Member

Re: Solaris 10 on Compaq Proliant 8500

I haven't used Solaris x86 since version 2.6, but I'm fairly sure Sun have a compatibility list on their web site. If there are any limitations on the driver, they will be listed there. i.e. when I did it, I had an Adaptec AHA-1542 SCSI card and it would only detect the card if it was on a specific IRQ/base/etc. I know that's not a problem these days, but there may be something similar.