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Solaris x86 on Proliant DL585

James Johnston_1
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Solaris x86 on Proliant DL585

I've been trying to install Solaris 10 on a proliant DL585 system but solaris cannot see any of the hard drives. I've tried loading the update disk for the smart array 5i controller in the configuration assistant but after exiting the configuration asssistant the system reboots before the kernel finishes loading or locks up with a prom panic. I've also tried loading solaris without the update disk for the controller but solaris doesn't recognise the controller without it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Solaris x86 on Proliant DL585


Solaris 10 (32-Bit) is a supported OS on the DL585. Standard warranty includes 3 years of HP Support (Call 800-633-3600).

You should first check HP's website for possible patches and/or updates for the Smart Array 5i or for Solaris 10 on D585 in general. Here's one possible patches:

Another possible options is to try using the process of elimination. See if you can bypass the smart array controller and connect a single drive to a SCSI Port. Will it load, if so, you can determine that it is the Smart Array controller that's causing you headaches.

Also - you may want to try another media source. If you downloaded the software, burn a copy on CD or download anew. You should also be able to get the software for free from Sun (+ shipping).

Hope this helps.