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Sound card and firewire support...

Heidi Helldren
New Member

Sound card and firewire support...

can i install a a pci or pcix sound card for my proliant server ml370 g3???
Can i install a firewire pci card to have an external ports????

My intentions are to convert the server in an audio workstation.
I will cherish your support.
Harry Lubansky
Super Advisor

Re: Sound card and firewire support...

Your only restrictions are PCI cards that will match your Proliant motherboard, and drivers to match your operating system. An ML370 G3 sounds like the age of mixed ISA and PCI slots, but I haven't looked up the specifics of the model. If you open your server, you can see the layout, and there should also be an accurate description of the board on the side you removed from the server. If you are running win2k server, you will need drivers for that OS. Normal drivers will include this OS, so this shouldn't be a problem, either.