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StartSmart versions..

emo oco
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StartSmart versions..

I could not find StartSmart version 6.40 or older. I need it because of DL380 G2 server. New versions of StartSmart have no support DL380 G2 server. Where can I find it?

Re: StartSmart versions..

Pick your Operating System from this list.〈=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=316587&taskId=135

If you're looking for SmartStart 5.5 for example, you'd have to choose Windows 2000, then "Software CD". The correct Smartstart helps with Drives (Raid) prior to the OS but you'll have to pay attention to the drivers and other downloads specific to the OS and hardware being used, having them downloaded and ready for prior, during, and/or after your OS installation.

In my case, installation 2003 on an ML350G2, once the Raid system was set by SmartStart and all the partitions were created and formatted by 2003, I cloned the OS partition to a backup partition and tested the drivers, cloning different phases as I went. If something went wrong, I restored back from a specific clone and tried again until I got it right. Thank you Norton Ghost 8 (ghost32.exe) accessed from anywhere by BartPE boot CD which sees raid drives.

Hope this helps a little. Good luck.