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Strange NC7780 behaviour

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Strange NC7780 behaviour

Proliant DL360 G2.
Windows Server 2003 R2
HP Network Configuration Utility version
Dual onboard NC7780 driver version
Created a HP network team with all standard settings. Firstly they were connected to a gigabit switch and neither cards showed connected to a network. The lights on one card would flash then go off, then the other card lights would light up then go off, very strange. Connected both nics to a 100Mbps switch which then chained to the gigabit switch and both nics connect at 10Mbps! Changed the auto link speed setting to 100Mbps on both nics and now windows thinks only one is connected at 100Mbps.
The server was rebuilt the other week so none of the drivers are upgrades. Any suggestions about what is going on?
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Re: Strange NC7780 behaviour

Hi Andrew

Try the fimrware update

HP NC10xx/67xx/77xx/150x/320x Gigabit Server Adapter Online Firmware Upgrade Utility for Windows 2000/Windows Server 2003


Try the DIAGS on the same URL above and see the ourcome

HP ProLiant Fast Ethernet & Gigabit NIC Diagnostics and Documentation

For what its worth also make sure you load the newest PSP on the DL360 G2 and BIOS from below url

ROM 2004.05.01 18 May 04
PSP 7.51 A

If this does not work test on another server and see if issue follows the cards.


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Re: Strange NC7780 behaviour

Frogman has some good points. Make sure the BIOS and NIC Firmware are up to date.

I had the same problem with a DL380 G4 and the NC7782s onboard. I had to finally remove the HP Network Configuration Utility. Do this under the NIC properties. Then re-install the latest NIC Configuration Utility.

I was able to team the NICs after that, and hopefully you will be able to too.