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Supported NIC cards for the DL380 G4

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Supported NIC cards for the DL380 G4


I have an Intel PRO 1000 MT NIC and there is a requirement to install it into a DL380 G4 to be used to connect to our SAN.

I was a bit dubious about doing this and would rather use the NC7771 or NC7782 NIC's that are already installed.

So I guess my question is, when adding NIC's to a DL380 G4, is it best to stick with the HP stuff or will any NIC do bearing in mind we have the HP Network Configuration Utility also installed on the Server?

I've tried looking for a list of supported NIC's but get fed up wading through endless pages and if anyone has first hand knowledge I would appreciate your expertise.

Sandeep H Raman

Re: Supported NIC cards for the DL380 G4

Hello Steve,

Incase you have'nt checked this,

If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem.