System setup

Thomas Rogers
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System setup

I have a Proliant ML 330 G3 with Windows Server 2003. BIOS and every thing was up todate. HELP, I thought I understood what I was doing? I was given the server which has a total of 3 hard drives in it. The system was working fine. One of the hard drives had gone bad and replaced by the previous owner but not re- allocated into the system. I thought I just needed to re-initialize the array for it to see the new drive. But after initializing the array but now the system will not boot. (I was warned that data would be lost but I thought it would be just data on the drives and since there wasn't any documents on the drive I wasn't concerned.)
Now even placing the Windows disk in the CD doesn't get it to boot to the CD though the boot sequence is configured to starts with the CD-ROM drive. The RAID array is ATA and the drives are scsi. Perhaps I need to reset something in it BIOS but it best I stop and get help instead of compound my doumb mistake!
Tarek Kawach
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Re: System setup

Hi Thomas:

- If this is the ATA raid controller as you say; and you went into the bios for that controller and re-initialized the array

- then all your data will be lost; you have just deleted all the array information.

- normaly if you need to add the drive to the array ; you would have had to add it to the spare pool then first. (ATA model)

- At this point you will have to restore from Backup.

- if you want to check if your data still there. use windows 98 or me boot floppy; and run Fdisk - option 4 to view parttions.
you can check if the parttion is there and is set active. Now on NTFS partion you will have to use windows recovery console.

- you will need to run Recovery console from win2000; when server boots; you might have to press any key to boot to the cdrom drive.

- If the drives are scsi then you are not using the ATA controller drive; What array controller are you using. example Smart array 5300 or 3200 etc.

- I don't Understand how could the array be ATA and drives are scsi. ??

- How many controllers is there in the server and what are they.

- this server comes either with scsi or ATA controllers -

- HOW did you initialize the array.
- Can you take screen shots and attach it here.

- Resources: (if you need win98 floppy boot disk)

Manual for ML330G3 scsi model.〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=179911&taskId=101&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=316573


Tarek .
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Thomas Rogers
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Re: System setup

Thank you very much for your help believe me it's much appreciated, Tarek!

Luckily I printed out system info before my mistake. Here is what I have:

CSB-6 Ultra ATA-100 IDE RAID Contoller.
A look in the BIOS says this: MegaRAID IDE ver. 2.7.0325C
At this point it doesn't look like the system has Smart array 5300 or 3200 etc., or I simply don't know were to look for it. (I don't have any maintenance CDs, document CDs, etc.).
The BIOS veresion is D15

Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller
Status OK

Primary IDE Channel
Status OK

Secondary IDE Channel
Status OK

Decription Disk drive
Manufacaturer (Standard disk drives)
Model LSI MegaIDE #00 SCISI disk device
Bytes/Sector - 512
Media Loaded - yes
Media Type - Fixed hard disk
Partitions 1
SCSI Bus 0
SCSI Logical Unit 0
SCSI Port 2
SCSI Target ID 4
Sector/Track 63
Size 74.53 GB
Total Cylinders 9,729
Total Sectors 156,296,385
Total Tracks 2,480,895
Tracks/Cylinder 255
Partitiion Disk #0, Partition #0
Partition Size 74.52 GB
Partition Starting Offset 32,256 bytes

There is another drive with same infomation. It starts:
Decription Disk drive
Manufacturer (Standard disk drives)
Model LSI MegaIDE #01 SCSI Disk Device
Bytes/Sector 512

A third drive (Drive C) with this info:

Drive C
Description Local Fixed Disk
Compressed No
File System NTFS
Size 74.52 GB
Free Space 63.30 GB
Volume Name
Volumen Serial Number --

Drive D:
Description CD-ROM Disc

When I looked inside the computer case the setup looks like ATA -- there is no SCSI controller card as far as I can tell. The cables to the drives all run from motherboard and look like the picture from the manual I downloaded from the link you provided.

The info gathered from the system suggest to me the drives are scsi. (I thought the previous owner had simply bought scsi drives for faster performance.)

As you may have noticed from free space on the C: drive there wasn't much there. The MS Office suite, Adobe Acrobat, etc. I don't have backups (server given to me) but I have the software and windows server 2003 software.

At this point I'm willing to forget attempts to recover OS and software as I have the software on CD.

I would very much appreciate some hand holding going forward to get the drives and array setup properly. I have setup servers before but never had to deal with setting up the array before. The servers always arrived with the array setup and I installed the OS and other software.

Given what I have I'm not sure what RAID should be setup? RAID 0 or RAID 1. I will eventually put Windows Small Business Server 2003 on it. I have Windows Server 2003.

I've read though RAID chapter 6 but that is different from actually doing the setup. Any instructions you're willing to give is GREATLY APPRECIATED. I know I'm ask for more of your time so please

I can't take a screen shot as the server doesn't boot since I initialized the drives. (At lease, I don't believe it's possible. But perhaps you know how this can be done?). The machine goes though the initial startup but doesn't boot to the operating system. It looks to the CD drive, the hard drive, etc., and finally the network. I put the OS CD in the drive but it didn't attempt to boot from the CD. I then thought better of moving forward before I got help and a better understanding of what I'd done and what SHOULD be done. I thought drive C would be left alone and only the other two drives were at risk of losing info when initializing the array.

Here is what the screen looks like: At the top of the screen it says
MegaRAID IDE ver. 2.7.0325C

I then have the listing:
Array # 0
Array Type RAID 1
Drives 1 & 2
Bootable Yes
Initialize Array

Array # 1
Array Type RAID 0
Drive 3
Stripe Size 64K
Bootable No
Initialize Array

I went to each of the listing and moved down to the "Initalize Array" and initalized them. I received the warning that it could cause data lost.

At the bottom of the screen: Physical Drive Information.

Drv #, Drive ID, Array Model, Size, Status
1, Cntro-0 Primary Device 0 0, Maxtor 6Y080L0, 76319, Online
2, Cntro-0 Primary Device 1 0, ST380011A, 76319, Online
3, Cntro-0 Secondary Device 01, Maxtor 6Y080L0, 76319, Online

Tarek Kawach
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Re: System setup

Thanks Thomas.

looks like you have 3 ATA 80 hard drives
array # 0 has disk 1 and 2 RAID 1 (mirrored)

Array # 1 has Disk # 3 Raid 0 (no fault)

since you have initialized both arrays
you are now ready to install the o/s and formate the 2nd array # 1 to put data on it.

- Array # 0 - will be you new C: drive or partion once installing the o/s

This will be disk 0

From what I can tell it looks like you have lost your data and you are ready to install the o/s.

you can get a smartstart cd and do an assisted install. or you can just simply boot the server up with windows 2003 setup cd and start the install.

if using the windows 2003 cd you get error that there is no physical drives attached; then you will have to download the driver for the ATA controller and press F6 to load other mass storage controller drivers during windows manual install.

- Download and extact the controller driver to a floppy and during windows 2003 initial boot from cd; hit F6 few times to install other drivers for mass storage ATA controller.
follow page 10/19 for instructions.

- If you have Two controllers in the server like scsi and ATA - make sure that you set the boot controller order correct in the bios; meaning; that where you want the o/s to be installed has to be the 1st boot controller.

Check also this link with the information about how to make a RAID on this server (ML 330 G3 User Guide), page 90:
Main Link for the server:
HP ProLiant ML330 G3 Server, Microsoft Windows Server 2003

HP ProLiant CSB-6 ATA-100 IDE RAID Driver for Windows 2000/Windows Server 2003
version 4.2.805.2005 (15 Aug 06)


Manuals (guides, supplements, addendums, etc)〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=179911&taskId=101&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=316573


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Thomas Rogers
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Re: System setup

Tarek, THANK YOU! I'll read through the documents you listed before I do anything and download the software. I really appreciate the time you've taken to help!

Tarek Kawach
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Re: System setup

No problem Thomas and good luck.
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