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Sytem Managment in HP Proliant ML350 G3

Lior Frumat
New Member

Sytem Managment in HP Proliant ML350 G3


when I'm going to hp system managment home page, and i'm selcting the memory section I get all data N/A, the system can't read the information from the computer.
How can I resolve this problem?

Tim Teninty
New Member

Re: Sytem Managment in HP Proliant ML350 G3

You might need to get the most (or a more) recent PSP (Proliant Support Pack?)and Firmware updates from the HP download site and run or rerun HPSUM.exe (that comes with it) from the directory where you downloaded the updates. If you use a version 7.91 or later you will be able to update both firmware and drivers used by Proliant servers and also agents used by the HP system management homepage, all at once. It is free, and easy and should fill out missing spots in the homepage. If that doesn't do it, at least HP support will be more willing to give you other/better suggestions. It sure makes me more comfy when the whole page works! Good Luck