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Terrible performance with writing data to StorageWorks Model 4354R

Stephen R Petersen
Occasional Contributor

Terrible performance with writing data to StorageWorks Model 4354R


I hope this is the right area for this.

I have a DL380 with a Smart Array 6402 (192 MB)controller and the external array/jbod. I have RHEL 4 AS update 4 on the server and I have loaded the latest firmware for that version of Red Hat for the controller.

I created a single mirror volume made up of two disks in the array expecting it would be able to write data quickly as it is 100% write setup. I am very lucky to get about 17 MBs per second throughput when writing to a linux filesystem internally.

I installed the iSCSI Enterprise Target on the system and used the same volume as a disk on another DL380 running Windows 2003 R2. The performance is pathetic. Something in the order of 3 to 5 MB's per second throughput.

I ftp'ed a 2 GB file from the Windows system to the linux root filesystem which has a 2i array controller and got about 19 MBs per second throughput. These two servers are on a cross over cable so there is no other traffic.

I expected a difference as iSCSI has some overheads but it seems that the external array and the 6402 are giving extremely poor performance.

I created one raid 0 volume on one disk in the DL380 internal drives and used it for iSCSI. The iSCSI throughput was almost double.

I have made every possible change to both servers to get the speed up but nothing makes any difference. What annoys me no end is my really old 500 MHz PC at home (100 Mbps network) with a 40 GB ide drive out performed the server, controller and 15k disks with the same version of RHEL and Windows.

Any ideas on why this happens would be most welcome. I seriously doubt that the network or the other server is the issue. I just think there is something amiss with the controller and array. This is a lab setup.

Chris Rosan
Valued Contributor

Re: Terrible performance with writing data to StorageWorks Model 4354R

If it's the same as the old 4354R i've got, it's only ultra3 (regardless of the drives you have in it), so the performance wouldn't be great, but should be better than that...