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The Internet - Separating Myth and Technology

Jibey Jacob
Occasional Advisor

The Internet - Separating Myth and Technology

The Internet as we know it, as kids are taught, simply does not exist. Instead, what does exist is a bunch of interconnected hardware protocols at OSI Layer 2, predominated by Ethernet.

The real Internet runs at Layer 3 in the OSI model, and while theoretically IPv4 makes this possible, your ISP simply does not route your IP packets to the next ISP in the chain. Instead, your Windows PCs, or Macs, are interconnected at Layer 2 with a lot of intelligence applied to your OS kernel by device drivers that manage devices at that layer.

I've asked this question at asking them whether Mac OS X promotes the concept of User Mode Device Drivers, something like what Windows Vista has made available, and I never got a response. You need to know that current Ethernet technologies use a globally visible 48-bit MAC address exposing everything on your computer to the rest of the planet through this Kernel Mode Device Driver backdoor. If you already know this, there are a lot of people out there, especially kids, that have no idea about any of that. What this device driver backdoor makes possible is a lot of extortion, if not exploitation of kids.

There's currently a lot of coverage in the broad computing press about the intention of ISPs to introduce some sort of bandwidth metering into their services, and the press has not taken too kindly to this idea. When I first came across this intention of ISPs a few years ago, without first understanding what the full implications of what this was about, I went and signed a petition online promoting Net Neutrality. But more recently it occured to me that this whole Net Neutrality movement might be something that's against the broad deployment of IPv6. You see, IPv6 does allow efficient bandwidth management through a feature called Fine Grained QoS. The reason I signed that petition was because I thought that ISPs might be diversifying and splitting IP up into some proprietary protocol for bandwidth management all to evade deployment of IPv6. And its becoming increasingly clear that the Net Neutrality movement is against IPv6, in which case I would like to recant my signing of that petition supporting Net Neutrality. If ISPs would like to introduce bandwidth management through IPv6 QoS, I'm all for it. I neatly got pulled into a trap by some online ad into signing that petition, but its not too late, I haven't benefited from it, and I have NOT SINNED, not ever.

There's also some broad steps that a few EU organizations have taken against Microsoft with the cooperation of Google, Mozilla, etc. If you're a small time thinker like Mozilla with a silly little product I guess Microsoft might look like the Devil. I still think Microsoft was right in bundling IE with Windows, since a lot of kids have had the opportunity to learn using that tool. Mozilla was charging for their Netscape product back in those days, and well, kids don't get to handle any of their moneys, so I support Microsoft. And Google's whole business model is based of packet sniffing on the IPv4 Internet, and sooner or later they will be exposed. I love the PC, and I love Microsoft's empowerment of the layperson through the PC, and therefore I support Microsoft. I have no clues about Microsoft's role or how deeply Microsoft is involved in all this exploitation surrounding Ethernet deployments, but I hope enough talent at Microsoft can be salvaged coming out of this mess. Vista itself speaks volumes about Microsoft's intentions going forward.

I'm a software developer/architect specializing on the Microsoft platform. I get all these cheap women of various origins contacting me under the false pretext that they can help me find work. Its been a while since I've worked formally or been paid for informal work. In fact, I've never been paid for my informal work, and there's quite a lot of money owing to me by way of stolen IPs. And I still continue to innovate, except that I can't seem to break out this bubble built around me and the foundation of that bubble is Ethernet. I'll never again work for a company where I have to use a PC connected to a network backbone made of Ethernet, and that pledge stands in case if the potential employer is Microsoft as well. In the meantime, I've sworn off sex and women in general. I'm strictly chasing the large amounts of money that's been stolen from me, and I still continue to be robbed.

So, if you're somone at an ISP that's reading this, please convince your bosses to deploy IPv6 over InfiniBand using OSPF for routing. I don't believe in any of that hierarchical routing in IPv6 either.