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TopTools Remote Control Card

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TopTools Remote Control Card

I am having trouble using my TTRC card. I can connect to it just fine with the web browser, but some of the functions I am not able to use. It is strange becuase they used to work just fine. When I go to the Configuration tab and select Users, then a red X appears in the upper left hand corners of the browser. The same happens with Server Info and the Networking tab. SNMP Info comes up, but the screen is not formatted correctly. Also I am not able to use the Server control features under the Remote Control tab. I know all of these things used to work just fine because I have used them all before. I have multiple servers with these cards and it functions the same on all of them. I also have tried this from multiple PCs and seem to get the same results. The problem seems to be java related as I have tried to use different versions of jave and get similar, yet different results. I am using Windows 2000 on my PC with IE6 and java 1.4.1_02. What do you think could be wrong?
Tom Potter
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Re: TopTools Remote Control Card

I think you will find that this is related to having installed Java on your client. We had a similar issue when we started using Insight Manager. IE by default wants to run all java applets locally. Try going into the Advanced IE Options and deselect "Use Java xxx for " under Sun Java.