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Total IDE Hard Drive size for Netserver LC 3

John K. Herrick
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Total IDE Hard Drive size for Netserver LC 3

I have a dual-processor (450MHz) LC 3. I'm trying to use an IDE HDD, WDC 160GB ATA/100, for a removable drive. However, the system never sees the drive no matter what I do.

I cannot find anywhere here what the total IDE size limitation is for the system's BIOS. Manuals don't seem to think we'd ever use an IDE drive in this SCSI server.

Does anybody here know? And I think there's a CLJ function on the drive, so I'll try that next. But HP support on the phone says they'd have to "bill me" to "research" this. The server is theirs and its registered, EOL or not they should do legacy support.
Sean T. Craig
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Re: Total IDE Hard Drive size for Netserver LC 3

Hi John,

Sorry you're not having much luck with HP on this issue. Unfortunately, HP has decided to implement the End Of Service Life Policy as of September 1, 2005. The warranty statement has always said that the Netservers are considered End Of Service Life five years after HP stops selling that product. They just never implemented the process until this year. Fortunately you have us to help you.

Now the bad news. The LC3 does not support the use of ANY IDE Hard Drives. As such, there is no documentation with regards to IDE size limitations. Even if you were to pay for your support with HP, they can still only provide information about supported configurations. The only reason IDE is part of the BIOS at all is because the CD-ROM Drive is IDE, otherwise, there wouldn't even be an IDE Channel.

If you have any way of finding out the drive parameters (Cylinders, Heads, Sectors) you can try to manually input these values into a user defined IDE Configuration.

Your best, however, is to use a SCSI Hard Drive. If you need any part numbers or help finding them, write back and we will look it up for you.

Hope this helps in some way,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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